The Illustrious Tech Career of Charles Leaver

August 25, 2017
Prior to his current role as Chief Executive Officer for Ziften, Charles Leaver once served as that company’s Chairman. Before that, he served as a partner with Trellis Partners, a venture capital firm located in Austin, Texas. Strictly speaking, however, that is no more than the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking at his career in cybersecurity, as well as his overall career in the tech sector, which is approaching its 40th year. There are many reasons why Chuck Leaver would be considered an expert in cybersecurity. His experience shows that he is highly skilled in dealing with all aspects of technology.
Charles Leaver
In addition to his high profile in the business of cybersecurity, Chuck Leaver also has extensive experience in many other areas of tech, including the fields of application software and infrastructure technologies, Internet and web application development, ERP, gaming and e-learning. He has gained an exceptional reputation as someone with the skills to successfully guide companies to greater profitability by guiding them to push the technological edge and leading them to create brand new markets.